• Under pressure – The difference between HV and HP

    Under pressure – The difference between HV and HP

    As a fan of cycling, you’re probably not a fan of inflating tyres. We at Lezynestore know this. We think pumping tyres is the least fun thing about mountain biking and cycling. Yet it is oh so important to do it right. In our webshop, you may have already seen the terms HV and HP. These abbreviations have everything to do with the tyres on your bike and indicate important differences. Time to take a closer look at those differences.

    HP stands for “High Pressure”. For a road bike, high pressure is crucial. Road bike tyres are thin, have a low volume and require higher pressure to cycle properly (between 5 and 10 Bar). Lezynestore’s HP pumps feature narrow pump cylinders, ideal for road bike tyres. Every centimetre of pumping produces less air, but also less effort. In no time, you will have your tyre back at 5 to 15 bar.

    HV stands for “High Volume”. Your mountain biking experience starts with properly inflated tyres. The average mountain bike tyre is about 2 to 4 inches wide. With Fatbikes, it only starts at 5 inches. Such sizes and thicknesses require a lot of clout. You don’t have these guys inflated overnight. The Lezyne HV pumps contain specially designed large(er) cylinders, so they get more air into the tyre per stroke. Perfect for pumping up your mountain bike tyres in a jiffy.

    So which pump you need and like depends on the type of bike you have. Your desired performance and expectations of the tyres and bike also play a role. As a cyclist, you know that the tyres are an essential part of your experience, so don’t underestimate the importance of correct pressure and inflation. Regularly checking and inflating your tyres ensures an enjoyable ride and also keeps your tyres last longer.

    Besides hand pumps, there are also CO2 pumps. In Lezynestore’s webshop, you will find the handy, compact and lightweight CO2 options. Check them out here, for example. The CO2 pumps are ideal to get you back on the road super fast. They are easy to use, have a small sticky volume, are very handy and work immediately. It’s a matter of seconds to refill your tyre.

    If you have any further questions about Lezyne bicycle pumps or CO2 pumping systems, feel free to contact us or ask your question via the chat function at the bottom left.