• Training schedule 80-120 km of cycling

    Training schedule 80-120 km of cycling

    Cycling 80 to 120 km in a healthy and enjoyable way? You just can! In our new blog, we have laid out a foundation for your workouts that is sure to come in handy. Based on guidelines per month, steam yourself all ready for the new cycling season.

    Important! Listen carefully to your body and adjust the schedule if necessary. Act as you see fit. Choose to aggravate if it trains too lightly, respect your own limits if it gets too heavy, and feel free to change the schedule if you feel it doesn’t (quite) suit you. Of course, you can always ask us at Lezynestore for advice or tips. In advance, have fun cycling!

    Training Guidelines

    You can use the schedule below as a basis for your monthly workouts. It is cycling training, focused and based on an eventual top performance in the cycling season. With the guidelines in this schedule, you as a beginner or advanced cyclist can improve your performance monthly. The goal? Be able to cycle 80 to 120 kilometers nonstop.

    In January and February:

    Bike twice a week. From Monday to Friday, you can think about indoor workouts, for example, RMP or spinning classes. For beginners, I recommend building up slowly. You may be wondering what is quiet? It depends purely on what your body indicates. For advice, you can always contact your fitness instructor. Alternate these indoor workouts on weekends with about one hour of outdoor cycling, at a leisurely pace.

    In March:

    In the spring, make indoor training a little heavier. For example, pedal for four five-minute blocks of heavy acceleration. For beginners, it is important not to go over your limit. Build this slowly so you can train heavier each time and eventually reach your goal. For specific and personalized advice, I again refer you to your fitness instructor. On weekends, cycle at a leisurely pace for about an hour and a half to two hours.

    In April:

    Cycling outside is wonderful from April onward, especially the evenings are often perfect cycling weather. Ideal for cycling in a group at this time. Not only do you learn to ride together, you also benefit from each other’s speed. Try to do this once a week. Increase your weekend workout to two to three hours. Often around April, a lot of tourneys start as well. It is wise to join one or two tour rides in preparation for the season.

    In May:

    As of May, we are getting closer and closer to our goal. You may start making your workouts a little more intense from now on. Alternate nicely with a long gentle workout once a week and a group workout once a week. Keep in mind that you cycle about three times a week. Increase the gentle long workout toward June to four hours. Did you know that with this foundation you will have built up a level of fitness such that you can ride a tour on hilly terrain? It is also highly recommended to ride some low-threshold tour rides or sign up for cycling clinics such as the Amstel Gold Race course.

    In June:

    If all goes well, you’ll be ready to cycle the 80 or 120 km nonstop. Monitor your health and fitness and keep listening to your body. Another gentle outdoor workout once a week is enough to be rested, well-prepared and in top condition to battle the miles!