• The AB2 Chuck on your valve

    The AB2 Chuck on your valve

    The ABS2 Flip chuck is an attachment, which connects the Lezyne bike pump to the valve on your bike. This handy, venuous invention makes inflating tires fun and easy.

    In Year 9, Lezyne launched the ABS2 Flip Chuck. All new pumps (from Y9 onwards) are equipped with this new ABS2 Flip Chuck, a significant and important improvement for the pumps.

    The new ABS2 Flip Chuck can be used on both Presta and Schrader valves and is equipped with a quick disconnect for Presta valves. The ABS2 also features an Air Bleed System button, which allows you to easily regulate pressure and maintain full control.

    In the video below, Lezyne shows exactly how to use the ABS2 chuck on your bike’s valve.

    The ABS2 Flip Chuck is also available separately and can be installed on older Lezyne floor pumps. The ABS2 Flip Chuck is even available for High Volume (HV) pumps and High Pressure (HP) pumps for mountain bikes and road bikes, respectively.

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