• Lezyne Pressure Over Drive Gloss Black

    Reference: 1FPPRODRV204

    The Pressure Over Drive is a floor pump with an integrated system designed to inflate tires without an inside. This provides users with a portable alternative to air compressors and avoids wasting CO2 cartridges.

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    The Pressure Over Drive is designed specifically for Tubeless bikes. The pump includes a second air chamber where you can pump up to 15 bar of pressure. Using a small pedal, you can run the inflated pressure into your tire all at once. This way, your tire is properly and quickly inflated. The pump can also be used for bikes with inner tubes. In that case, use the normal piston. This does take a little more time/effort than using a normal floor pump, because the second air chamber must first come to equal pressure with your bicycle tire.

    The pump is equipped with an analog pressure gauge. The Lezyne pressure gauges are clear and easy to read. Also included with the Pressure Over Drive is an ABS 1 Pro; it makes pumping even more efficient!

    ABS-1 Pro

    The floor pump is equipped with the new ABS 1 Pro. The ABS 1 Pro is fully adapted to the new powers of the Year 11 pumps. The chuck is made to connect easily and quickly to all Presta and Schrader valves. Thanks to a 90-degree angle, the ABS 1 Pro is even easier to use, and can also be used on disc wheels.

    Pressing the Air Bleed System (ABS) button releases the pressure between the valve and the tire. Usually if there is too much pressure on it, you cannot loosen the valve, but the ABS system prevents this. Quick release design allows you to easily detach the ABS Chuck from a Presta valve and unscrew it from a Schrader.

    Through this link you will find the manual of the Floor Pump

    • Lezyne
    • One-Size
    Weight (grams)
    • 2500
    • Aluminum
    Filter color
    Pressure gauge
    • Analog
    Type valves
    • Dunlop
    • Presta
    • Schrader
    Maximum pressure (bar)
    • 15,2


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    Lezyne Pressure Over Drive Gloss Black Lezyne Pressure Over Drive Gloss Black
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