• Laser Drive review Racefietsblog.nl

    Laser Drive review Racefietsblog.nl

    Racefietsblog.nl has given an extensive review about the Lezyne Laser Drive and this one is anything but negative! “Good lighting is essential to be able to hit the road with a good feeling in the dark. In that respect, this Lezyne Laser Drive is more than a rear light.”

    To start with, the lamp itself; ” The lamp has a large number of positions where you can choose between the combination of light and laser, only light or only laser. The light has nine different positions and the laser has two different positions. This makes twenty-nine different light and laser combinations possible. . “ Both the lamp and its functions and the mounting of the lamp receive a positive final verdict. The only downside is the somewhat small USB port, but ” Fortunately this little thing is nothing compared to the visibility and safety of the lamp.

    The Laser Drive ensures visibility, both on the road (by means of laser beams) and from a distance or from the side. ” The LED lighting is bright and bright, so that the brightest setting almost has a blinding effect.” With the Laser Drive you are assured that you are visible, this is also evident from the reactions that the reviewer receives from fellow road users. A downside of the laser beams is that you interrupt them with your legs while cycling, which gives a blinking effect, ” This subconsciously creates a bit of a blinking effect, but it is not disturbing. After all, you look ahead when you are cycling. , so you will not be bothered by this yourself. “

    The battery life is also given a positive rating, for a 2.5-hour ride the lamp has more than enough battery. ” The longest ride I have made with this lamp was 2.5 hours and the lamp did not let me down. Once at home, it turned out that there was still 30% of the battery left. As far as I am concerned, that is more than enough. . “the battery life varies by course and institution of appropriate setting, the lamp will last longer.


    + Good visibility
    + Safety
    + Easy to operate
    + Battery life

    – Mini-USB connection hidden away

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