• Here’s what you can do with the Lezyne GPS!

    Here’s what you can do with the Lezyne GPS!

    They are beautiful, practical and indispensable for the true cycling enthusiast: the Lezyne GPS bike computers. Currently, Lezyne offers 3 variants: the minimalist Mini GPS, the standard Power GPS and the elaborate Super GPS.

    The Lezyne GPS devices have a battery life of up to 22 hours and can be charged via the included USB cable. The Lezyne GPS bike computers have an extensive memory and can store up to 400 hours of ride times and other data.

    The GPS shows comprehensive and precise information about your bike ride. The lezyne GPS bike computers use ANT+™ and Bluetooth. Depending on the Lezyne GPS you choose (mini, power or super), you can pair the bike computer with your phone (Apple/Android), power meters, heart rate monitors and speed sensors.

    Displayed features
    The following information can be displayed on lezyne GPS devices:

    • Heart rate*: current, average, maximum
    • Cadence*: current, average
    • Power* (6 data display options)
    • Speed: current, average, maximum
    • Distance: current, trip total, trip 2, odometer
    • Time: trip time, clock
    • Rounds
    • Altitude: climb, descend, current
    • Calories
    • GPS signal strength
    • Battery life indicator
    • Connected devices icons
    • Semi-adjustable display: 2, 3 or 4 fields

    *via Bluetooth® Smart or ANT+™

    Pairing with your smartphone
    When you pair the Lezyne GPS with your smartphone, you receive notifications of incoming calls, messages and emails on the screen of your Lezyne GPS.

    Easy to download
    Your saved rides on the Lezyne GPS device can be easily downloaded to your computer (Windows/Mac) and viewed/analysed via the Lezyne website (Lezyne GPS Root).

    Targets and alerts
    On the Lezyne GPS devices, you can easily set goals. For example, you can set a goal for ‘burned calories’. You can also set alerts for distance and time.

    Power meters
    You can pair the Power GPS with almost all Bluetooth Smart power meters. You can pair the Super GPS with Bluetooth Smart or Ant+ power meters.

    Cadence sensor and heart rate monitor
    The Power GPS can be paired with Bluetooth Smart sensors and monitors. These bleutooth pairings are available for both cadence sensors and heart rate monitors. The Super GPS you can pair with regular Bluetooth and Ant+ sensors/monitors.

    Linking with STRAVA and Trainingpeaks
    The Lezyne GPS easily links to popular third-party services such as Strava™ and TrainingPeaks®.

    Linking with training sites
    In addition to linking to STRAVA, you can also link your rides and Lezyne GPS to many other training and tracking sites. Any site that accepts .fit files is suitable for use with the results from your Lezyne GPS.

    Instantly upload your ride to Strava via your phone
    You can upload your ridden ride from your Lezyne GPS to your smartphone with Lezyne’s GPS Ally app. You can find this app in the Google Play store on Android phones and in the App store on Iphones. Once you’ve uploaded the ride to your smartphone, you can send it to Strava from the app.

    Rate of increase
    It is possible to display the gradient on your GPS bike computer. All Lezyne GPS bike computers offer this feature, so it doesn’t matter which variant you have.

    The gradient is not displayed by default. You can activate this in the GPS’s settings. To do this, connect the GPS to your PC or laptop, using the USB cable provided. The computer will automatically start a programme with which you can set and adjust all kinds of GPS matters. Within this programme you will also find the settings; here you can activate the display of the gradient.

    Did you know that all Lezyne GPS bike computers have a highly accurate altimeter? So you can keep an eye on the altitude as well as the gradient, for full insight into your ride. The Lezyne GPS bike computers are equipped with the latest and newest GPS chips, which are linked to both Russian and American satellites. This makes the altimeters extremely accurate.