• Here’s how to use the new Lezyne Pressure Over Drive

    Here’s how to use the new Lezyne Pressure Over Drive

    The new Lezyne Pressure Over Drive is an exceptional floor pump. The pump is designed specifically for inflating tubeless tires, or tires without tubes.

    The Lezyne Pressure Over Drive floor pump can be used to inflate both bicycle (road) and mountain bike tires without tubes. The pump is special. The pump functions like other Lezyne floor pumps, but is equipped with a so-called “air chamber”. When this air chamber has reached the desired air pressure, it is possible to use the lever at the bottom of the pump to fill up the tubeless tire all at once. A kind of light compressor, operating on manpower. In the video below, Lezyne shows how to use the new pump.

    Tubeless tires (without inner tubes) are unprecedentedly popular. Lezyne is releasing two floor pumps in Y10 specifically designed for these tires. The Pressure Over Drive and the Digital Pressure Over Drive… They strengthen Lezyne’s leading floor pumps arsenal. These two new floor pumps have the familiar, quality construction everyone has come to expect from Lezyne, but are thus equipped with an exta “air chamber”. The pressure in this “air chamber” can be determined manually. The accumulated pressure can then be released in one motion. This allows you to pump up a tubeless tire in no time, without a CO2 system or compressor.

    We are already very excited about this new pump. Lezyne unfortunately has not yet launched the pump; we expect to add it to our product range around September 2016. In the video below, at least a sneak peek to marvel at.