• Hand pump overhaul

    Hand pump overhaul

    Lezyne’s lightweight hand pumps are ideally sized and go easily with you on your bike. With one click, you attach the hand pump to your bike frame. Precisely because the pumps are so handy, and people like to take them with them while driving, they are extra fragile. Under different weather and cycling conditions, a hand pump often has a hard time.

    Extra important, then, to properly maintain not only your bike, but also your hand pump. Regular cleaning, for example, just like the rest of your bike. It is also advisable to do some maintenance on your hand pump every now and then. This keeps the performance optimal, ensures ease of use, and you can rest assured that the hand pump will last as long as possible.

    Although very unusual, the pressure in a hand pump can fail. Fortunately, this is easy and quick to repair yourself. In the video below, Zach from Lezyne shows step-by-step how to perform maintenance on your Lezyne hand pump. The most important thing about maintaining your Lezyne hand pump is cleaning the pump and greasing the moving parts. This will keep the pump flexible and prevent the plastic parts from drying out. All Lezyne hand pumps are made of aluminum, so be careful when opening the pump.

    By performing maintenance on your hand pump, you bring back the pressure. Watch the ‘how to’ video here to get started yourself! This video shows how to overhaul a Lezyne hand pump yourself from home. With minimal effort, hardly any tools and without spending hours. Zach shows step by step how to go about overhauling and with what supplies.

    Have questions or comments about the video or your hand pump? The Lezyneteam is always there for you, to guide and help you find the right solution.


    • Vice with rubber protection
    • Allen Key
    • O-ring
    • Cloth
    • Lubricant (sillicone grease)