• Floor pump overhaul

    Floor pump overhaul

    Proud owner of a Lezyne floor pump? Then you haven’t just made an investment. After all, you own one of the most sophisticated and prestigious floor pumps available. It is important to properly maintain the Lezyne floor pump. This guarantees optimum performance, ensures ease of use and promotes longevity.

    Many people think that sophisticated and versatile cycling accessories like Lezyne bicycle pumps can only be repaired or refurbished by specialists. Nothing could be further from the truth. Adjustments, troubleshooting fixing other inconveniences you can easily do yourself. Often it is a simple procedure, to be followed in steps and without requiring much.

    A floor pump is sensitive to dirt, water and dust, for example. Maintenance on a road bike or mountain bike is in our system as cycling enthusiasts, but properly maintaining the bike pump is equally important. The moving parts should remain smooth, in addition, drying out of the plastic parts in a floor pump is not desirable. Depending on usage, it is recommended that once in a while the pump be properly checked and overhauled where necessary.

    For greasing the Lezyne floor pumps, you can use any kind of thick petroleum. PLEASE DO NOT USE LIQUID OILS! Make sure that the parts of the bicycle pump are not insgemed too thickly, covering the surface with a thin layer is sufficient. After all, the O-ring is not supposed to get stuck on the pump piston. Also remember not to get grease into the check valve at the bottom of the vessel. This can cause the pump to leak through the vessel.

    In the video below, Zach from Lezyne shows you step-by-step how to overhaul your floor pump and with what supplies. This is fairly general maintenance on the floor pump, which includes replacing the O-ring. The video mainly answers the question, “My pump is no longer pumping, what can I do?” With Zach’s help, maintenance on the Lezyne bike pump will be a breeze. Hardly any material, time or effort is required. In no time, Zach, along with you, will have the floor pump refurbished and working like new again.

    Basically, Zach’s directions and instructions apply to all Lezyne floor pumps. The movie is thus suitable for use with both digital and regular floor pumps. For the overhaul or repair of specific parts on floor pumps, please refer to the other videos we offer. For example, here you will find instructions on how to replace the gauge, swivel and more.


    • O-ring
    • Tensioner (park red handled spanner)
    • Allen Tool
    • Cloth
    • Lubricant (petroleum or sillicone grease)