• Analog Gauge Replacement

    Analog Gauge Replacement

    Problems with the pressure gauge on your floor pump? Note! If the pressure gauge (or: Gauge) on your Lezyne floor pump is faulty and no longer indicates anything, you don’t have to replace the entire pump! You can easily and quickly replace the gauge yourself.

    Lezyne floor pumps are high quality and deliver excellent performance. Unfortunately, on rare occasions, the pressure gauge does fail. Being able to properly monitor the pressure in your bike’s tires is critical. Lezyne floor pumps are known for their sophisticated technology when it comes to reading and measuring pressure. Fortunately, replacing the gauge is not a complicated procedure.

    Zach from Lezyne explains how to replace the pressure gauge in the video below. Step by step, he shows you how to proceed. The video below discusses replacing the analog gauge. With few tools, minimal effort and without spending much time, Zach will help you replace the gauge.

    Note! You should first purchase the correct, replacement pressure gauge before replacing the old one. In our webshop you can find different types of pressure gauges. Included with the (new) pressure gauge are the adhesive and corresponding O-ring. So you don’t need to purchase these separately. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns about this. We are happy to help!

    Digital pressure gauge

    The video shows how to replace an analog pressure gauge. If your digital gauge on your digital floor pump is broken, please contact us. Unfortunately, the digital gauge cannot be replaced by yourself; this must be done by a specialist. Therefore, the video below is purely for replacing the analog pressure gauge (gauge).