• Why Lezyne?

    Engineered Design. That’s Lezyne’s goal. At a time when poorly designed accessories, made from poor materials, were the norm, Lezyne designed top quality accessories. The accessories had to and would meet all the high requirements of, among other things, high-end bicycle parts. Lezyne’s products are awarded worldwide. Lezyne distinguishes itself from the competition through its innovative products.

    New developments

    Lezyne is constantly working on new developments. For example, in 2011 Lezyne set new standards in the field of design and functionality with the development of LED-lights. In addition, Lezyne has also developed its own lenses, in order to be able to produce the best optics for bicycle lights.

    In 2015, Lezyne introduced GPS devices. Lightweight, easy to use and packed with features. The GPS device can also be linked to the Lezyne Ally phone app. Ideal! For example, notifications from your GPS device via e-mail, SMS or telephone are possible.

    Lezyne’s history

    Lezyne was founded by Micki Kozuschek in 2007. Micki Kozuschek is a former triathlete. He was previously in the bicycle industry with the Maxcycles brand, which he sold. His goal? Good quality bicycle products with a nice design. And this for a reasonable price.

    We are now many years further. Lezyne is at the top. Lezyne’s head office is in the USA. Furthermore, Lezyne has branches all over the world. Most parts are produced in Taiwan, but other suppliers also produce especially for Lezyne. Many employees have a passion for cycling and are happy to test the new products.

    Lezyne proudly sponsors several top athletes such as several teams, as well as Danny MacAskill and Cedric Gracia.



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